Occasionally weird behaviour (1)

I’m posting quite a bit today because we’re having a ‘quiet’ day. Young children don’t benefit from being in hot, fierce sunshine every day, so we will take a break from it and the children know that there will be at least a couple of holiday days when we limit our day time behaviour. They accept this because they know the day ends with a meal out!

Our new neighbour has continued to be around today, in a manner of speaking. After her naturist sunbathing on the balcony earlier, she dressed. Shortly thereafter a male friend turned up. They didn’t act in a romantic or intimate manner, while sitting on the balcony, but eventually she sat on his lap and, within seconds, they were up and into the apartment for some ‘afternoon delight’. Now, there’s nothing wrong with ‘afternoon delight’ and it’s highly likely two of my children were conceived during ‘siesta time’. So I’m not opposed to it at all, lol.

How do we know it was ‘afternoon delight’? We could hear it was afternoon delight as both participants put in a very vocal performance. Sometimes, we naturists are very keen to underscore that naturism isn’t sexual. Equally, we should not be afraid to acknowledge that, even in a naturist setting, sex is often very much on the agenda.

We’re on holiday, we’re relaxed, the weather is warm and few or no clothes are worn -even in a textile environment, so one thing often does lead to another.

new couple_001b

Sex isn’t part of naturism in a ‘swingers’ or ‘orgy’ sense, in the main, and just part of a normal, proper appetite.

What I found weird, though, is that a naturist girl, inviting a lover over, would choose to dress, then undress again. It all seemed like so much wasted effort.




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