Hail to the Chief

Blimey! What a time to get the call to step back into the editor’s chair, a week away from perhaps the most important US Presidential election of my lifetime -and I’m not even American.




SLN2 will not be making any comment on the Presidential election. While its outcome will have an effect right around the world, I don’t think it’s my place to get involved either way. It’s a decision to be made by Americans, and respected by the rest of us.

I found (and find) it incredibly annoying when a variety of non-Brits feel they have to stick their tuppence worth into our own ‘Brexit’ referendum (we voted to leave the EU back in June). I had a view on that, which I aired, as I was directly involved in that, but the sight of various non-Brits lining up was vexing in the extreme, so SLN2 will definitely be absent in making comment.

I note that -just as Brexit did for us- the debate rages, and many people have engaged in politics, which has spilled over into SL, with both the Clinton and Trump camps having a campaign presence within SL.

Now that I appear to be back in a bigger role than anticipated, I’d like to pay tribute to Trine’s work as editor over the past year, taking on the blog at a time when things were very much in a state of flux. We survived the upheavals, and I hope we’ll now try to continue to bring all manner of naturist related news, on and off the grid, as well as trying to get back to our core values of focusing on the many great sim builders and providers who bring us our naturist venues in SL.



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