Well done, Home for the Holidays Hunt!

My congratulations to the Home for the Holidays Hunt!

Not only have they provided some nice L$1 gifts, but they’ve also added something I’ve been harping on about for a couple of years…making the hunt items immediately available to buy in case you don’t have time to hunt or, in my case, the patience to search a huge store for the item in question.

Bloggers blog, I go looking for items that might have a naturist relevance, but I eventually give up because I can’t find the items in question. I can’t begin to tell you just how many potential posts have gone by the board over the years due to me not having the time (which is limited…I also need time to write the blog) or patience for a hunt.

The Home for the Holidays Hunt now offers you the opportunity to either go hunting, and pick up the item for L$1, or simply buy for L$25 at the hunt sign at the entrance to each store. Hooray for the HFH hunt! 🙂


I picked up the wooden Christmas tree, pictured, as part of the hunt. In this instance, finding it for L$1 was simple enough, but that’s not always the case, so this is a fantastic breakthrough, from my perspective, for SL hunting. Let’s hope many other hunts follow suit. This would make my naturist blogging, particularly for summer hunts, so much easier, and I’d be prepared to buy, rather than hunt, each time!

You can find the clues, and store locations, at the page at this link.




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